Monica Conway, Bio-Healthcentre

Monica Conway

PG Dip/ MSc in Lymphoedema Practice


1982Qualified General Nurse
1998Bio-resonance Practitioner
2002Advanced Aromatherapist
2004Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist: Dr .Vodder Technique
2005Kinesio Tape Practitioner KT1, KT2 & KT3: Dr Kenzo Kase Techniques
2008Deep Tissue Oscillation Therapy
2009Orthopaedic Massage: James Waslaski Technique
2010Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist: Casley Smith Technique
2012Post Graduate Diploma in Lymphoedema Practice
2014MSc. in Lymphoedema Practice


After completing her nurses training Monica staffed in the UK for 18 months and then moved to Johannesburg where she worked in Neuro-Surgery for 6 years. She then moved to Botswana and worked in Cardiology for a further 3 years. On returning to South Africa, Monica worked part-time in Theatre and established a practice in Reflexology. In 1997, Monica, husband and family returned to Ireland where the Bio-health Centre was established and has evolved to what it is today through further education and learning.

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